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About Loniak Consulting

Loniak Consulting is a professional niche consultancy dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity awareness within organizations through comprehensive design and training programs.

Specializing in targeted training for small to mid-sized businesses, non-profits, and underserved populations, our expert trainer tailors programs to instill robust awareness. From risk assessments to customizing training modules, we work closely with you to fortify your team against cyber threats. In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, rely on Loniak Consulting for expert guidance and technical acumen. Elevate your organization's defenses with our specialized training, ensuring a resilient and secure business environment.


Andrew Loniak

Founder, Trainer

Meet Andrew Loniak, the founder of Loniak Consulting. With a solid 15 years in the IT industry, Andrew is your go-to expert in small business  tech. He's all about helping organizations, especially small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits, stay safe and secure in today's digital world. Andrew's passion lies in offering practical solutions and tailored training to ensure your team is well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape-- all with  a down-to-earth approach to cybersecurity excellence.


Mary Loniak, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Trainer

Meet Mary, our exceptional Executive Assistant, who goes beyond administrative duties to prioritize your well-being. With a belief in the transformative benefits of regular massage, Mary aims to build a lasting relationship focused on enhancing your health. Through open communication, she tailors support to your unique needs,

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